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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Do You Remember

The Girl that gave Beaver his first kiss?     

The little girl in the movie
The Birds?

The little girl in The Children's Hour?

It was Veronica Cartwright. She was in town filming an episode of Drop Dead Diva, her friend Gene brought her to Lakewood 400 last month to do some shopping.  (Look around her neck... she’s wearing a piece of the hand-dyed gauze.)  It was an honor to have them come by to shop. When she left the market her arms were full of treasures.

Veronica Cartwright
Pictures taken in Grosgrain Annie’s Ribbonemporium  at Lakewood 400. Photo's taken by Gene. 

Jo Ann & Veronica
Check out her website http://www.veronica-cartwright.com/ to find  her accomplishments in the film industry and her everyday life.

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